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Project Z is the brainchild of Azizi Blissett. Azizi spent many long days and nights developing advertising and marketing campaigns that couldn’t quench her passion to connect with her clients’ audiences. She grew tired of companies wasting millions of dollars on flashy, shallow ad campaigns that missed the mark in reaching their targeted customers. Motivated by a desire to bring about change, Azizi decided to use her passion, energy and enthusiasm to create meaningful marketing conversations that would inspire small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Project Z is a family of multimedia companies that connect, engage and empower a variety of audiences by seamlessly merging Marketing 2.0 with feature-rich digital technologies. ZFX delivers compelling brand-marketing solutions that evoke positive emotional connections in the minds of others. ZSpots provides online marketing solutions that expand and engage online audiences in deeper conversations where, when and how they want to engage. ZFusion is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower women and youth through creativity and art therapy.

We motivate our clients to Connect, Converse and Create relationships with their customers in new, exciting and compelling ways which Innovate , Inspire and Impel meaningful interactions and relationships.